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Congress completes overhaul of health care - Yahoo! News

OK, America. Let's have a talk.
Democrats, you are sneaky. I respect that.
Republicans... wtf are you even talking about? I want to stay unpartisan but... damn... I can't even follow the logic anymore...

The media keeps referring to this as an "epic struggle" or as a historic moment. OK, that's fair, it's a major overhaul of an industry. But here is why it's really historic. The Democrats actually got something done. After, like, 60 years of being the Denver Broncos of the political arena and snatching defeat from the jaws of victory, the democrats did something all by themselves. So, yay, or whatever. That could be good or bad.
Now whether or not the bill is a good or bad thing is a completely different subject. All I know is something had to be done. I believe access to health care and not dying young, in pain and in debt would probably fall under the umbrella of "Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness."

Incidentally, an interesting poll I saw, shows that the young, in pain and in debt tend to agree and favor health care reform. Now you may say, "What?! OMG! A fact?!"
Yes that's right, a fact. They still exits. Use them for this debate people, come on.

The Health Care Bill is a piece of crap. It's going to be a huge mess, cause debt and such, but it's also going to help a lot of people. And yes, it will need to be redone in about ten years, but that's what America is all about. Slooow, agonizing, incremental change by committee.

One last thing. How is this starting a slide into communism? Even socialism for that matter? It's all subsides, without a single payer. It's the least inefficient thing that could ever exist, but its not communism. Also, a brief reminder of what communism is. Communist states are formed when the lower classes are tired of dying young, poor, and in debt so they kill the upper classes and share the wealth-- and then fail miserably because Marx forgot that given the chance, people will always do sh**iest thing they can get away with. If we consider roots Communism then light socialism actually protects democracy.
Honestly the thing that pisses me off the most is that now I feel like I have to pick sides. I pride myself on being non-partisan, but now I can't vote for a republican because I'm afraid they'll repeal us back into the stone age while screaming stupid slogans against things that don't exist.

Boy I feel bad for not making this one as funny as usual and I imagine my one or two readers will be disappointed and may even be riled up by the political content. So watch the video below to help you calm down.

Please feel free to disagree with me. I have no problems with a good debate, just keep it rational and tell me about in the comments below.


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LovinReliv said...

I found myself tilting my head in the same direction as the puppy. That helped.

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