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Obama's Nobel Peace Prize

Main Entry: No·bel Prize
Pronunciation: \nō-ˈbel-, ˈnō-ˌbel-\
Function: noun
Date: 1900

1: any of various annual prizes (as in peace, literature, medicine) established by the will of Alfred Nobel for the encouragement of persons who work for the interests of humanity —called also Nobel

2: An award given to anyone who is not George W. Bush

The Nobel Peace Prize, or the "Not George W. Bush Award" as it is now called, is quite an honor for our president. Some are concerned that they gave him the award prematurely or that he didn't deserve it at all. Of course they also gave a Nobel Prize to Yasir Arafat for his performance in the "Shaking hands with the Jewish Guy" photo-op. And to Al Gore for telling us it might be getting warmer outside in his award winning "robot man" voice... What? That's his normal voice? oh, my bad. I thought it was for theatrical effect. Like, "THE HUMANS WILL ALLL DIE IF THEY DO NOT TURN OFF THE DAMN LIGHTS WHEN THEY ARE OUT AND THE ROBOTS WILL RULE THE EARTH..."

Anyway, he has done a lot to earn this award! Such as become president, and not be George W. Bush, and gave some inspiring speeches about how he's not George W. Bush, and energized politics by not being George W... Ok so the Nobel committee got a bit over anxious, but give him a chance. He might earn it yet. I certainly hope so.


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